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Moving to a New Domain

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As you guys probably know already, we are moving to a new domain and will start posting articles as of today. The reason for this move is so that we can make the blog / site even better for not only us, but for you guys.

The new domain will be kitakubu.co and is currently open.

We are still making some improvements to the site so expect the layout to change a couple more times. I know, we have been doing this for a while. We just want to find the right layout.

We apologize for the inconvenience we have caused, but we hope we can still become your number 1 anime source with our new website.

Than you,

Kitakubu Co-Founder & President
Sean Effendi



We are proud to announce that our very own KITAKUBU mascot character Irie Ayumi is getting her own TV Anime!!!!!! After talking to many animation studios, we finally did it. We are currently still in the production phase. We will give you guys more details as soon as we get the OK.

apirl 1
April fools (・ω<) てへぺろ

LIKE Our New Kitakubu Comics Facebook Page

As you guys know, I’ve recently been writing articles about comic books.  Yes, that means characters such as Spider-Man, The Avengers, X-Men from MARVEL and Superman, Green Arrow, Flash from DC Comics.

I love both anime and comics, but I thought that it would look weird and confusing if both were on the same Facebook page.  So, I decided to create a Facebook page that will contribute to comic book related news.

The link is below so give it LIKE if you want the latest updates on Comic Books.


Recently, we have been receiving a lot of messages with questions. For example, “Can you please tell us about yourself?” or “What is your favorite anime?” and so on.

I’m planning to make a video answering your questions so if you guys have a question please do ask.

Sean E.

You can comment below in this post or ask us on Twitter or Facebook.



Sean Effendi