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Go Inside Pikachu in the most Inappropriate way

Golden Week has just started in Japan and to celebrate the week, the Pokemon team decided to have some fun with their fans.

Pikachu jumpers were one of the popular attractions, but it was also a very distracting one.

How do you go inside? Well, I’m pretty sure the picture says it all.


New Japanese School Swimsuits Created Because of “Too Much Skin Exposure”

Edit: More context added. The added text was originally from the Nounai Noise blog.

Sportswear and textile company Footmark has collaborated with four middle school students to develop swimwear that does not expose as much skin as traditional sukumizu designs do. The designs were developed based on a survey of 360 middle school students whose top responses were “I want something I can change in and out of easily” and “I don’t want the clothes to be revealing.” The swimwear will be put on the market on April 24th.

The four students who collaborated with Footmark Corporation had visited the company last year as part of a workplace experience field trip.

Edit: Sean’s original text is below (unedited).

There have been complaints by both female and male students as well as adults that there is too much skin exposure for the current School Swimsuits also known as School Mizugi. In response, swimming supply company, Foot Mark created a new school mizugi brand called “Ideal Swimming” for both male and female students with the help of two female and two male students.

Male Version: Short ver. (Left) and Long ver. (Right)

Female Version: Short ver. (Left) and Long ver. (Right)

The new swimsuit will be used at junior high schools in Sumida, Tokyo.

Do you guys like the new designs?


Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru Collaborates with Chiba Monorail

The official anime website for Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru has announced that the anime will be collaborating with Chiba prefecture’s Chiba Monorail once again.

Starting on May 2nd, Monorails in Chiba will be decorated with characters from the anime.