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Okusama ga Seito Kaichou gets 2nd Season

The official website of the TV anime Okusama ga Seito Kaichou has updated the website with a new anime visual revealing that a second season has been confirmed. The announcement was first confirmed in Ichijinsha’s Monthly Comic Rex




PSV: Ebikore PhotoKano Kiss Famitsu DLC

The upcoming PlayStation Vita game Ebikore PhotoKano Kiss will be released on February 5, 2015.  Famitsu has revealed that a downloadable costume code will be released in the magazine next month.

The DLC will contain new swimsuits, winter coats, and some sexy outfits.

PSV「エビコレ フォトカノ Kiss」2月5日発売

Goodbye Stuart Scott

I’m sure many of you are confused as to why I’m writing this article.  This has nothing to do with anything anime related.  I’m writing this article as a sports fan.

A couple minutes ago, I learned that sports anchor Stuart Scott passed away this morning after lengthy battle with cancer.  He was 49.

I grew up watching Stuart Scott on Sports Center and he was always fun to watch.  Even though I didn’t know him personally I felt like he was being himself.  He changed sports broadcasting to what it is today.

Sports fans and even professional athletes paid tribute to Scott on Twitter.

Sports Center will never be the same with him.



Sean Effendi




Recently, we have been receiving a lot of messages with questions. For example, “Can you please tell us about yourself?” or “What is your favorite anime?” and so on.

I’m planning to make a video answering your questions so if you guys have a question please do ask.

Sean E.

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Sean Effendi

Log Horizon 2 Episode 1: Did the series really use the same OP!?

We were all worried that Log Horizon would lose its touch with the studio change from Satelight to DEEN.  But, it didn’t.  The character designs are a bit edgy and rough, but it the Log Horizon feeling is still there.  The animation style didn’t change dramatically, but it is noticeable.  Most of the side characters have new designs and sometimes the art style changes.  A good example would be Soujirou.  We got used to Soujirou being the nice guy samurai, but when it comes to combat he is one scary dude.  Another good example would be Marielle’s hair.  She did get a new design but her hair just looks weird.  It looks like she has dreadlocks in a way.


In the first season, the characters would talk about the differences between the “real world” and “Elder Tale” but there weren’t many scenes of the “real world”.  This was probably something I didn’t want to see in Log Horizon.  One of the great things about Log Horizon was that it only focused on Elder Tale.  Plus, the character art for the “real world” people just doesn’t feel right.

I also didn’t like how the studio kept the opening theme from the first season but changed the ending theme.  One of the great things about anime is the use of theme songs.  I always look forward to them, but I was really disappointed that they didn’t change it.  Maybe they were low on budget?

Other than that, it’s great to have Log Horizon back, but I’ll be honest.   I’m not a huge fan of the new animation style.  It’s like watching an anime that was drawn by three different studios.  I’ll still keep watching it, but the new style will just bug the hell out of me.