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Free Slaps in Shibuya!

YouTubers GUTS AND DEATH went out to the city of Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan holding up a sign saying “FREE ビンタ / FREE SLAP”.

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Dejiko Billboard in Akihabara Taken Down

One the first things many will notice walking the streets in Akihabara is the giant Dejiko (from DiGi Charat) billboard on top of the Gamers building. The billboard has been on there for many years that it has become one of Akihabara’s iconic trademarks. Unfortunately, the billboard was taken down.
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Go Inside Pikachu in the most Inappropriate way

Golden Week has just started in Japan and to celebrate the week, the Pokemon team decided to have some fun with their fans.

Pikachu jumpers were one of the popular attractions, but it was also a very distracting one.

How do you go inside? Well, I’m pretty sure the picture says it all.