What if Digimon tri. Designs had Original Character Designs?

When we all first heard that the original Digimon series was returning, we were all excited. However, fans were pretty depressed to see that the new series will go with a new design instead of the original.

One fan was pretty angry about it so he/she decided to re-image the new designs with a more old school look.



What do you guys think?

Source: Kinisoku


2 thoughts on “What if Digimon tri. Designs had Original Character Designs?”

  1. Honestly, I think the whole controversy is a little bratty. I haven’t watched Digimon, though.
    The character designs’ faces do resemble the older ones, they’re just drawn in the new style. This means that the super-bold and huge facial features are more subtle. But they still look like… Well, the characters! They just look older to me.
    If you look at the second image without prior Digimon knowledge, like me, it just looks like the differences were exaggerated.
    (The first image, however, makes me feel really sickened and upset because of the offensive language used and how they reacted. I would not overreact like that even if I was disappointed. So yeah, after going back and reading that, I feel really disgusted and I’m going to sleep now. Not cool. At all.)

  2. If I’m also going to be nitpicky like that angry fan (haha), I find it disgusting that the word ‘disgusting’ was misspelled. 😛

    I’ve always thought/understood/accepted that there was a rule in manga/anime when it came to eyes. The larger eyes stood for the wide-eyed innocence of children. The narrow eyes is applicable for grown-up characters, which this new series will present. I’ll give this new Digimon iteration a chance. Disgust will come when I don’t find the plot development to my liking.

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